Project Description


Hi, I’m Eric Callaghan
My Yoga journey began over 7 years ago where I practiced various styles until I discovered what Yoga is really about, at Yoga Jo’s studio Milngavie. There I completed my Teacher Training and continue to develop my knowledge of the various aspect that Yoga has to offer that has enhanced my Spirit, Body and Mind.
A traditional Yogi at heart where daily practice has transformed me to an individual with balance in life and overall well-being with the confidence to face the challenges, we face in every day life. These qualities I bring to my classes although there is a serious and therapeutic aspect to Yoga I believe it also should be fun, ensuring that students feel safe at all times.
Yoga is for everyone and am able to cater for any age group considering the needs an individuals anatomy requires whether they have an established practice, an athlete or a complete beginner.
My classes are a mix of traditional styles including Hatha,Vinyasa and Grounding Practice with various Breathing, Mindfulness and Meditation techniques. I am committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment where students can explore Yoga, at their own pace in their own time.


  • Tue and Wed at 7am & 1pm
  • Cost £6
  • One hour session